Burglary Defense | Irvine, CA

Often people confuse the crimes of Robbery and Burglary (Penal Code section 459). Burglary is when a person enters a commercial or residential building with the intent to steal. A commercial burglary is when a store or other commercial establishment is entered with that intent. Commercial burglary is usually charged as a misdemeanor. Residential burglary is a burglary of someone's home. Residential burglary is a felony and carries a sentence of two, four or six years in prison. Residential burglary is a serious felony and a qualifies as a strike offense under the three strikes law. When charged with this crime it is important that you consult with an experience Orange County criminal defense attorney.

Attorney Lisa A. Kopelman has handled hundreds of burglaries in her 30 + years as a criminal defense attorney in Irvine and will fight to achieve the best possible result for you.