Get Back On Your Feet

Get Back On Your Feet

Learn more about reentry issues in Irvine, CA

You've done your time and are ready to return into society. However, your release from custody includes a variety of hurdles you'll have to get past in order to establish a new life.

The Law Offices Of Lisa A. Kopelman handles a variety of women's issues in Irvine, California. We'll assist you with:

  • Cleaning up your criminal record
  • Getting a new job and source of income
  • Locating new opportunities

A felony conviction may limit your options. It's important to understand and learn about every avenue that's open to you. Call 949-354-3452 today to learn more about these issues in Irvine, CA and Orange County, CA.

Discover available programs in Irvine, CA

It's important to find support groups and assistance programs when you're working to reenter society. You need to focus on your future while taking care of your employment, health and educational needs. Contact the Law Offices Of Lisa A. Kopelman today to get reentry support in Irvine, CA.