Robbery Defense | Irvine, CA

Robbery (violation of Penal Code section 211) in California is defined as taking property from another by force or fear. This charge is considered a violent felony and will count as a strike offense. The behavior prohibited by this crime can range from pushing a store clerk aside to run out with some beer all the way to holding someone at gun or knifepoint and taking their money and jewelry. Most robberies are second degree and carry a sentence of two, three or five years in prison. First degree robbery is one that takes place inside someone's home, of a commercial vehicle (ie; taxi or bus) or someone at an ATM machine and can carry a sentence of up to nine years.

If you are charged with the crime of robbery you should consult with an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer. An attorney experienced in handling robberies, depending on the circumstances, can negotiate a lesser charge or probation.

Attorney Lisa A. Kopelman has handled hundreds of robberies in her 30 + years of handling criminal cases. She will fight to get you the best result possible.