Barbara Wiener

I've never written a Google review before but I had such a positive outcome in my case that I'd like to recommend Ms. Kopelman's practice to those in need of an attorney who can support you through your ordeal. I spoke with a few attorneys when I found myself involved in an unexpected legal mess. I was really frustrated just trying to figure out legal representation, which I've never needed before. Some attorneys were impossible to even reach. I got a lot of answering services. Some attorneys honestly explained why they COULDN'T help me. I was scared and needed help. Lisa Kopelman's name had been given to me by a friend who's son had used her. I left a message with her service at the end of a business day and was shocked and relieved when she called me back the same afternoon.

Lisa made an appointment with me for the very next day and, for the first time since my problem started, I started to feel like maybe there was a way forward. I did not realize the full scope of my situation until Lisa heard me out and put everything into a legal context. I was actually more concerned about some issues that turned out to be more about my reputation than actual legal problems. Lisa distilled the real legal matters and outlined a comprehensive plan of action.
I'm an educator and tried to research the laws and court precedents. I felt pretty informed and totally overwhelmed. That's when a colleague pointed out to me that getting a lawyer is like going to a surgeon. You learn what you can about your condition but you have to put yourself in the hands of the expert when it comes to the actual surgery. So you better make sure you're in the best hands possible. And you have to trust they have only your best interest at heart and they know exactly what you need.

It may sound hokey, but this made perfect sense to me. Once I realized that I had done my due diligence in selecting Lisa, I decided it wasn't helping me or my case to worry constantly. I hired an attorney who I felt had a ton of experience and who would turn over every stone to help me and not miss anything. I can't say I ever felt completely safe during the whole ordeal but I did feel like I'd done all I could and Lisa would take it from there to do everything she could. She was very serious about being thorough.

In the end, I was spared a lot of unnecessary court appearances and Lisa negotiated a resolution, with the other parties involved, that I thought greatly favored me. Not everything went completely my way but I know it went as well as possible. I told Lisa that I hope I never need her services again but it gives me great peace of mind to know she's there.

She helped me out at a really dark moment in my life, Without her I don't know where I would be right now. Accused of a crime I didn't commit she was able to clear my name and got me the best possible outcome I could have gotten. I am forever grateful for her professionalism and kind hearted spirit with regards to my situation. I would totally recommend her to anyone caught on the wrong side of the law.

Nicolas Macias

Ms. Kopelman has the experience and knowledge to give you a swift, satisfactory disposition of your case. She takes the time and LISTENS! You'll never know how important these qualities are unless you have a lawyer who doesn't have them. She is always available, and you never have to wait and wait for her to get back to you. This is so important when you are afraid and/or angry about being arrested and charged. I can recommend her for any type of criminal case, large or small, or anything related to a criminal case.

She knows the attorneys on the other side, as well as the judges. This gives her a great advantage in knowing what type of sentence is most likely should you choose to take a deal. I also know she has completed many, many serious, long trials with favorable results. She is the lawyer to choose.

Deborah Barnum

Best professional ever lawyer I've known (and I've gone through a few) she will help you as much as she can with no hesitation and will always talk with the truth I will definitely recommend her anytime.

richard cervantes

"....What I have learned is that it cannot get any better than Lisa Kopelman and her team....To get where we did required true commitment, a tremendous amount of work and real caring. Lisa found the best experts, the best interpreter and presented a great case. I can only attempt to imagine the amount of work that went into the preparation for trial. One thing I do know is that Lisa gave everything she had and everything that was needed."


"After 2 ½ years of dealing with Lisa Kopelman, I have learned that she is the most dedicated attorney I have ever met or heard of. She is intelligent, thorough, pleasant and determined. To see her during the trial made me realize that she is totally dedicated to her profession. She is the consummate lawyer."


"...After spending months in a Santa Ana jail i had a late night visitor. She informed me that she was a trial lawyer and that I had an interesting case. From that first visit and during a three-week trial Lisa was a consummate professional. There is no doubt in my mind that the 11 to 1 not guilty verdict was a result of her presentation of the evidence and cross-examination of the "victims" and through her efforts and advise, shortly thereafter, I was a court release. If you have a serious situation I can highly recommend Lisa to provide legal counsel and trial defense if needed.


"I was desperate, hopeless and felt taken advantage of - by the police, the system and my prior attorneys. Then, I was represented by Lisa Kopelman (Assistant Public Defender). She is knowledgeable, experienced and caring. She was able to argue on my behalf and spend time explaining the process and my options. Once I knew my options, I was able to make an informed decision that made me feel confident and secure. I would highly recommend her."


"As an experienced psychiatrist also trained in law and one who has been involved in many legal matters over the course of twenty five or more years, I have been exposed to the work of numerous attorneys. I have never been quite as impressed as I am with Lisa Kopelman. Of course, the subject case was handled brilliantly with the best possible outcome for the somewhat deranged young defendant. Beyond that, however, were the integrity and sensitivity to more subtle matters displayed by this lawyer. Ms. Kopelman so delicately managed these issues that I was actually touched. I think she demonstrated a rare confluence of honesty, moral fiber, legal competence and consideration of all the dimensions of this matter: justice, the public interest and the human beings involved in something which began as a tragedy and, with Ms. Kopelman's management, evolved into a hopeful scenario."

Ronald Shlensky, M.D., J.D.

"I have been interpreting for the deaf in our justice system for thirty years and have worked with a wide variety of legal professionals....From the very first case we worked on together a number of years ago, Lisa always made time to clearly communicate ad establish a rapport with her clients. Lisa was very conscientious to not just establish a rapport, but also to educate herself about the language of signs and deaf culture. I will always recommend others to seek her counsel regarding defendants who are deaf. It is my hope that her input will be highly regarded and she will be the role model that others can look to in order to effectively work with deaf individuals."

Carol Nickens, American Sign Language Interpreter

David Sbardellati DDS